Joanna Home

Joanna Home

A care giving unit of Mission To The Blind

On July 31, 2003 the Joanna Home for visually challenged young women was started with 5 visually impaired women with an idea to Equip, Empower and Employ and later on it shifted to Madhavaram. Visualy disability tops the list of all handicaps. The number of visually impaired females is more than males. Blind young women in India are confined to the darkened corners of their own homes from the eyes of the world, as blindness is considered as disgrace. Others are sent to charitable homes.

They waste their life immersed in self- pity and struggle for survival, with no hope of future. It was started with a vision to train visually challenged young ladies in Christian Discipleship and Leadership. To provide training in tailoring, preparation of detergent powders, candles, handicrafts, computer, braille, music, dance and language skills.

Today the home provides visually challenged young women with an atmosphere of love, acceptance and understanding, where they learn Christian discipleship and vocational and home management skills. The young visually impaired women get here parental care, employment opportunities, discipline and training.

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